PCB Layouts

PCB Design

We have designed over 400 printed circuit boards. We use the latest design tools and can produce boards that are single-sided, double-sided and multi-layer (typically 4, 6 or 8 layers) including plated through-hole (PTH), surface-mount (SMT) & BGA, and insulated metal substrate (IMS) technologies. See our PCB List.

PCB design has moved on - almost coming full circle. In 1979 single sided boards were commonplace. The advent of large FPGAs has meant that the need for multiple layer boards has gone in a lot of cases. It is truly amazing what can now be packed onto a two layer surface-mount PCB with the bottom layer consisting almost entirely of a ground plane.

Modern CAD tools combined with a skilled engineer offer huge benefits to the design process. Optimized placement, chip type and functional partitioning can be achieved with fully integrated schematic capture and PCB editors, powerful design rule checks, 3D viewers, and high dimensional accuracy.

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