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We offer a wide range of services, from concept right through to design and production.

We get involved in a whole range of engineering disciplines during the design and manufacture of various electronic products. Whilst developing novel electronic solutions for industrial products we have picked up a number of engineering skills. If you have an odd problem or product, we can help - we're always happy to try our hand at designing something new!

Since we use many differing chips and technologies from many vendors we can offer impartial advice as to the best solution for your product. We do not have high volume production capability - most of our volume customers use subcontract builders. We work with them all so know how to design for manufacture. Testability is equally important and we also make systems to program, test and document finished boards, subsystems or even completed products for our customers.

The following list is by no means exhaustive but outlines some of the areas in which we specialise (click on an item to read more):

The Design Process

Our design service allows you to supply us with a full specification and description, or even just an idea of your product.

The design cycle will then begin.

Design Cycle

From a product brief we can advise on the best solution to get your product to market. This can include research into the subject area and advisory meetings to ensure that the concepts meet your approval.

A full specification can then be drawn up (if this hasn't already been supplied) and planning of the project can begin.

The design stage will then commence, followed by thorough testing, validation and approval.

An evaluation of the finished product can then be carried out, and if necessary proposals of change can be submitted.

Prototypes or one off specials can be built in double quick time.

If required we can manufacture in small to medium volume, or liaise with our network of subcontractors for higher volume manufacture.