This page outlines a handful of past projects that we have designed for our customers to highlight the various disciplines that are typically involved.

Roller shutter door controller

Roller shutter control panel featuring Keeloq remote control and an intelligent safety system.

Motorhome towing a car

Control electronics and software for motorhome tow car braking system featuring MEMS technology to detect the tow vehicle braking.

Runway lighting monitor

Airport taxiway lighting monitor for major UK airport to identify lamp failure.

Power transformer dryer

Power transformer dryer control system using Peltier modules to remove moisture from large power transformers.

Automatic Test Equipment

Automatic Test Equipment (ATE) "bed of nails" test jigs for production volume testing with connection to PC via PCI or USB.

Doffer speed controller

Doffer speed controller for cashmere wool spinning machines with optical measurement of web thickness.

Rally car

Motorsport data logger for performance analysis of development parts, measuring turbocharger intercooling parameters and engine revs.

Other Past Projects Include: